Trowel made of polyurethane, with high density and quality which allows a long life durability. It has got a rough working surface and accompanied with an ergonomic handle. Area of application are plaster works for leveling surfaces and removal of excess solution. Easy and convenient to use. The advantage of the plastic trowel then the wood is light weight and high resistance for abrasion.

  • 80x260 mm:40 pcs. in box
  • 120x190 mm:25 pcs. in box
  • 120x240 mm:20 pcs. in box
  • 140x230 mm:40 pcs. in box
  • 220x420 mm:25 pcs. in box
  • 150x350 mm:30 pcs. in box
  • 180x320 mm:25 pcs. in box
  • 200x360 mm:20 pcs. in box
  • Ingredients:high-strength polyurethane foam